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Why BYOB is a No-No at FCGC

Golf and beer (I think I’ve covered a topic of that combination before…) are fairly common things to see in tandem. Golf courses are known for having “Beer Angels” and 6-pack specials. Some golf carts - and even bags now - come equipped with a built-in cooler to help you keep the brews cold. We Read More

Vacations and Golf

Summer is the best time to get away and go on a golf vacation. It’s the time when the weather is best and when the golf courses are at their prime. Some of the best places around the United States to go on a vacation include Orlando, Florida – with resorts all around Disney World; Hilton Head, Read More

Golfing for a Great Cause

Happy Sunday world! In a little less than a month we, at Fellows Creek, will be hosting our branch of the World's Largest Golf Outing. On Monday, August 6th, at 9am we will have a shotgun start for this outing. This outing is designed to get as many people together across the country as we Read More

Spring Course Maintenance Update

Despite spring starting a few weeks ago the golf course is still waiting to wake up.  The cold spring weather has kept us dormant much longer than the previous two seasons.  Looking forward the weather is finally going to warm up, but we don’t know if that will last.  I’m hoping to Read More

It's Masters Week

It is one of the best weeks of the year where the game of golf heads down to the best atmosphere in golf. That would be Augusta, Georgia for the Master’s. The first major of the year for the best known trophy in golf: The Green Jacket.           Augusta Read More

Golf and Beer

I won’t wax philosophical about the responsibilities that accompany enjoying an alcoholic beverage while golfing; you should exercise the same set of responsibilities and awareness that you would otherwise. A round of golf can take a few hours, sometimes, but responsibility for oneself should never Read More

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