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2014 Isn't Done Yet

We’re at that time of year when it’s easy to look ahead to what’s coming up next.  2015 is just over the horizon, so it seems that now would be the time to create goals and make plans for the coming year.  But what about 2014?  There are still 15 days left in 2014, so let’s try not to overlook the end of another great year.  We definitely don’t want 2014 to feel bad about itself, right?

So let’s plan the final days of this year.
let’s ready ourselves to say goodbye.
Remember that 2014 is still here.
Forget that ‘Hello’ is on the horizon.

  Take inventory of what you’ve done,
and figure out what’s left to do.
Be thankful for the doors that opened for you,
and learn from those that closed. 

Walk boldly to the finish line

as if a new year wasn’t waiting on the other side.
Lead 2014 out with a roar
before you turn the page for something more.

This year this course has birthed some changes
a new blog, a new game, and new faces.
So stop on by to see what’s new
and feel free to bring friends too.

We’ll be here at Fellows to greet you and meet you
for the rest of this year and for next year too!  

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