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A Culinary View of Valentine's Day

As a chef, my take on Valentine’s Day differs from many. A day usually associated with abundant pressure to be romantic, V-Day carries with it plenty of stereotypes and stigmas: go out to dinner – don’t be cheap, spend money on roses and chocolates, hide a ring in some champagne or a dessert; the list of customs that fit the mold of an average V-day could go on. It’s quite the same in the service industry as well, only the pressure is different: to provide the experience and romanticism for others without missing a step – which is not always easy, depending on how many couples are expecting that level of service from you. Simultaneously.

For some, it works. For others, maybe you’d like to try to avoid the crowds, maybe you’d like to save some money, maybe the traditional idea of Valentine’s Day doesn’t really appeal to you – maybe you’d like to do something a little more personal and make dinner yourself…                          If this is the route you’d like to go, whatever your reason, I tip my hat to you. It might seem intimidating to some, cooking from scratch at home doesn’t seem as prevalent as it used to be – though it has been trending better and better lately, as one might tell from the abundance of recipes that pop up in your social media feeds, and included in the boxes of food you can have shipped to you through several online services.

It can be daunting for those that lack experience, and not all of us have a fully-equipped kitchen, but if you like the thought of having a say in how your food tastes and being able to eat well, and on the cheap, you’ve got to start somewhere, right? So take a look at what you’ve got to work with, flip through a few recipes, think to yourself what you might enjoy cooking, what your significant other might enjoy eating, make sure your knife is sharp and have yourself a ball.

For those that may lack some experience in the kitchen, there are resources out there for basic knife cuts and preparation techniques – YouTube© has a number of offerings. For any other tips, recipe or pairing suggestions, or other inquiries, I’m happy to attempt an assist – please feel free to email me, I will do my best to respond in an appropriate period of time (I have no idea what kind of volume of email I might be generating for myself).

Good luck, have fun, and share that love for good food.


Kenneth Page

F&B Manager

Fellows Creek Golf Club

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