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Cold Weather Golf

It’s only been a couple of weeks without golf here at Fellows Creek, but we’re just about ready to bring you back out.  As of now 14 of our greens are ready for full play, but the other 4 still have significant snow.  When the time comes for you to brave the cold temps and play here’s what we suggest:

  • Walk, don’t ride – We may not give you the choice every day (due to conditions), but when you have the choice it may be better to keep the blood flowing by walking to each shot
  • Layer up – Wear multiple layers, and keep them thin. Too much bulk and you’ll lose the mechanics of your swing that you spent all season working on last year.
  • Equip yourself – Try a soft feel ball, plan to club up for distance, and bring (or buy) hand warmers
  • Start with 9 – Give yourself a few holes to test whether you want to keep going. You can always come in and warm up with some coffee or hot chocolate before heading out for the back 9.

Call us today if you want to give cold weather golf a chance. 734.728.1300 x.7