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Fall Rates are Here!

Ladies and Gentlemen it's that time of year. We've lowered our golf rates (effective 9/16/17): Weekday play is no more than $30, and Weekend play is no more than $32. Plus, check out our website for some web-only pricing with NO Booking Fees.

Public WD 9 - $20
Public WD 18 - $30 before 11am, $24 after 11am
Public WE 9 - $23
Public WE 18 - $32
Resident WD 9 - $18
Resident WD 18 - $25 before 11am, $24 after 11am
Resident WE 9 - $20
Resident WE 18 - $27

*These are Riding Rates
**Senior Discounts are still available for players over 55 years of age

We will start seeing leaves turn colors and drop more frequently soon, and next week we will aerify our greens as most courses do early every fall. We expect the greens to heal faster than normal this year as we are taking a different approach than we have the last couple of years. Our kitchen will remain open in the weekday evenings through the end of September, but outside of that we will be down to just hot dogs and grab-and-go snacks for the remainder of the year; Have no fear there will still be beer!

Come on out and enjoy the gorgeous weather, the picturesque landscapes, and the discounted rates. See you soon!