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Golf and Beer

I won’t wax philosophical about the responsibilities that accompany enjoying an alcoholic beverage while golfing; you should exercise the same set of responsibilities and awareness that you would otherwise. A round of golf can take a few hours, sometimes, but responsibility for oneself should never waiver.

That being said; like peas and carrots, golf and beer is just one of those classic combinations. You’re outside on a nice [hopefully] warm day, enjoying yourself - mixed with some occasional frustration, I’m sure - and to help take in the relaxation that is a round of golf, you open a beer; it’s cold, refreshing, and usually tasty.

Thanks to my life and work experience I think I have a decent palate for beer, and I love sharing what I think is a good drink. As best we can we, at Fellows Creek, will try to keep a selection of beers to appease all palates and walks of life. With 8 tap handles in the clubhouse, and a walk-in refrigerator for our beers, the only limit to the variety we can have on hand here is quite literally our physical capacity – which has me pretty excited. I won’t go too crazy (especially on price), but if you give us a shot, I’m pretty sure we can find something that you’d love to drink – without going overboard, of course – while playing your round that will only add to your experience.