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Love Mom Beyond the Day

Today is the day that follows Mother’s Day, so that generally means that moms all around were shown appreciation and love everywhere they went yesterday.  That also usually means that mom gets sent to the back burner again when it comes to appreciation.  That shouldn’t be the case.

Moms still rock even when it isn’t Mother’s Day! Think about it, no matter what your relationship with your mom, you wouldn’t be here without moms.  Keep the love going for mom throughout the year, don’t just keep it to one or two days a year.

We love moms! In that spirit we’re extending our sale on ladies wear for the rest of May. All ladies shoes (Nike & Footjoy), clothes (Callaway & The Weather Co.), gloves (Nike, Wilson, FJ), and hats (Titleist & others) will remain 10-20% off for the rest of May.  We’ll also discount our Family Memberships for the month of May, so come into the golf shop and see what we have to offer.

Show moms some love and appreciation all throughout the year—they deserve it!